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It's goodbye from her ... and it's goodbye from me

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Professor John Curtice: when will the next General Election be and who will win it?

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Dan Mulhall: a horizon clouded by the uncertainties of the UK's exit from the EU

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The young at the back of the jobs queue need a story to get political attention

The David Hume Institute
Is committed to impartiality and to assessing the evidence

As a charity and a company limited by guarantee, the David Hume Institute is not politically aligned. Our agenda is to promote the use of evidence in policy-making. We have gained a reputation for the excellence of the speakers we attract and the accessibility, diversity and relevance of our seminars, which are open to all. If you miss an event we provide audio recordings of presentations and speeches and supporting documentation when available. We maintain a library of published papers, which document our seminars and research.

Beauty in things exist in the
mind which contemplates things

David Hume