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10 March 2015 'Tax and Spend –what are the options for the next Government?' Paul Johnson, Director IFS


25 February 2015 ‘An education system for everyone –the foundation of a fairer Scotland’ Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister

18 February 2015 'Scotland's Future – sharing in growth and prosperity' Jim Murphy MP, Leader Scottish Labour Party

5 February 2015 ‘Whatever happened to the politics of hope?’ Patrick Harvie MSP, Leader Scottish Green Party

21 January 2015 'A Conservative Scotland' Ruth Davidson MSP, Leader Scottish Conservative Party

13 January 2015 ‘Fairer Society. Stronger Economy. Opportunity for Everyone’ Willie Rennie MSP, Leader Scottish LibDems


20 November 2014 Professor Anton Muscatelli 'Tackling Trends in Inequality – an International Perspective'

12 November 2014 Professor Charlie Woods, 'Measuring Wellbeing in Scotland'

20 October 2014 David Bell 'Inequality in Scotland: new perspectives'

8 October 2014 Peter Riddell 'Relations between Holyrood and Westminster—what the Scottish referendum means for the United Kingdom'


25 June 2014 Scotland's Currency Options - Jeremy Peat

18 June 2014 ‘The Implications of Scottish Independence for State Pensions in Scotland’

Chris Curry, Director, Pensions Policy Institute; David Gordon, member of the Institute and `Faculty of Actuaries’ Scottish Board's Independence Working Party and a Consulting Actuary with Towers Watson; Aon Hewitt and David Davison, Director and owner of Spence & Partners

18 March 2014 Ian Marchant ‘The Challenges Facing the Scottish Energy Industry’

4 March 2014 Paul Johnson ‘The IFS Green Budget and Implications for Scotland in Referendum Year’

27 February 2014 ‘Should Scotland have its own immigration policy?’ Professor David Bell, University of Stirling

13 February 2014 “A Union Revived” Ruth Davidson MSP, Leader Scottish Conservative Party

4 February 2014 - 'In Britain. In Europe. In Work' Willie Rennie, Leader Scottish LibDems

30 January 2014  - “The Independence Referendum and the Challenges and Opportunities for Creating a Sustainable Economy that Works for Everyone” Patrick Harvie Co-Convenor Scottish Green party

22 January 2014 Johann Lamont  - 'The Optimism of Politics'

15 January 2014 'A choice between two futures - why it is better for all of us if decisions about Scotland are taken in Scotland'
Nicola Sturgeon MSP Deputy First Minister


25 November 2013 'The Evolving Scottish Labour market;how the College sector fits in’

19 November 2013 ‘The Economics of Constitutional Change - Revisited’

14 November 2013 ‘What Kind of Supply-Side Policy for the UK? What implications for Scotland’

9 October 2013 'Where in the World are we going? Thoughts on Global Issues and their Management'

18 September 2013 'The Outlook for the UK Economy; Can the New Bank Governor Put His Feet up and Await Recovery?’  

4 September 2013 'Philanthropy in Education'


16 May 2013 ESRC Conversation 4 -“Competition Policy and Regulation: in the Context of Constitutional Change in Scotland”

7 May 2013 ESRC Conversation 3 - ”The Scottish Energy Sector:in the Context of Possible Constitutional Change in Scotland”

21 March 2013 Presidential Address 'A New Union for Today’s World'

5 March 2013 'How goes it with the Public Finances?'

18 February 2013 ‘Delivering Social Security: Options in Scotland’s Constitutional Debate’

29 January 2013 'Procurement Reform – Which Way Forward for Scotland?'  


19 November 2012 'Macro-Economic Policies and Constitutional Change'

13 November 2012 ‘Restoring the Smooth Operation of the Euro System’

22 October 2012 ‘Instinct or Analysis; options for Scotland’
Hume Annual Lecture 2012

16 October 2012 'Finance in which people matter'

4 0ctober 2012 'Unlocking the Potential in Scotland's Public Services'

6 June 2012 'The United Kingdom and Germany: Partners in Europe – Perspectives from Lower Saxony'

17 April 2012 'Is our Society Inevitably Inequitable?'
Church of Scotland Special Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity

8 March 2012 'The Evolution of Equity Markets'

28 February 2012 ‘The UK’s Fiscal Outlook and the Chancellor’s Budget Choices

2 February 2012 'The Scottish Economy; the Global Context; and Opportunities presented by Independence'


8 November 2011 'Public Sector Reform'

26 October 2011 'Adjusting to the new normal'

12 October 2011 'Early Stage Intervention/Early Years'

21 September 2011 'UK Economic Prospects'

31 August 2011 'Empowering our Nation, Reaching our Potential: the Future of Devolution

1 June 2011 'Executive Pay - a career perspective'

19 May 2011 The Hume Annual Lecture - The Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP

20 April 2011 'Journalism in the Age of Disclosure:News, the Media and an Open Society'

21 March 2011 'Can “Personalisation (of care)” be both effective and efficient?'

1 March 2011 'Scotland in Europe'


25 October 2010 'Re-Shaping the Public Finances

18 October 2010 'The Economics of Wishful Thinking'

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