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The DHI runs a series of seminars each Spring and Autumn which are open to all. We attract a high quality audience spanning academia, business and policy-making. Each seminar includes a full, accessible presentation by an acknowledged expert, followed by a lengthy Q&A session to stimulate debate. The events are followed by a reception for all attending, so that the debate can continue and we see this as an important element of our events.

We have gained a reputation for excellence for the calibre of speakers we attract and the accessibility, diversity and relevance of our seminars. We also organise an annual Hume Lecture (every third year we hold a Presidential Address), with an eminent speaker on a current issue but with particular reference to Hume’s work. This is open to all interested parties.

We continue to extend our diverse and relevant series of published papers which document our seminars and research and we actively seek engagement and interaction with other organisations. Our final area of activity is research on economic and policy issues and we aim to continue research as resources permit.

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